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Here on our site you'll find blackjack information to help you learn how to play or improve your the way you play blackjack. Our blackjack guide and resource is intended for information purposes only and is 100% free for which it will remain forever. I feature blackjack rules, a table layout diagram, blackjack tips, the different variations of the game, a break down of the primary differences between playing casino blackjack or at an online casino, blackjack strategy and more. I hope you find what you're looking for here and visit us again as we'll try and update our site with new information as we come across it and learn something new.


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Several free blackjack games are available to be played directly on Blackjack Professor. These are all no download required instant play blackjack variations. Below are a select few games featured on the home page of my site, however you can find more here in the free blackjack games section.

Introduction to Blackjack Online

If the game of blackjack were created today then it's safe to say that the majority of casinos probably wouldn't offer the game. The main reason being that blackjack gives too many advantages to the player. The first and most devastating advantage is that blackjack, in some circumstances, is a positive expectation game. You don't need to play 40,000 or more hands (as in video poker) to see that positive return. Unlike table poker, other players aren't strategizing against you while the casino sits above the fray. Blackjack doesn't require other players, and the dealer follows strict rules. These same sets of rules apply to online casino blackjack and are built into the software that adheres to these rules 100% of the time.

Blackjack allows you to increase a bet as odds improve, decrease it if odds are bad, and even insure against losses. If you play well, you can turn the odds against the casino and win more. There is not another casino game that allows you so many decisions and options to positively affect your situation after the initial bet. Compare that to Caribbean Stud Poker and Let it Ride. Those are examples of what casinos consider ideal table games, few player decisions and fat margins. Casinos would love good players to leave the blackjack table and move to one of those games or maybe to the slots or video poker.

Here at I'll do my best to provide you with the necessary information to teach you how to maximize your enjoyment and winning, while minimizing your involvement in the casino's struggle with a few professionals. You'll learn how to beat the casino into a nearly even and occasionally positive contest. However before you continue reading through my site please be aware that the commitment required for consistent positive returns while playing blackjack is not for everyone. In fact it's not for most people. Causal players should expect a good game, a good time and a price for fun.

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