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There are a few primary differences between playing blackjack at land-based casinos, such as those found in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or online casinos. The first that I can think of, and have heard from other people, is the lack of excitement of playing blackjack online. Although blackjack online is not completely boring it lacks many of the characteristics and benefits of playing at land- based casinos.

When playing at land based casinos, especially the more established and fancier casinos like Belagio, Ceasars Palace, MGM, etc., there's a completely different vibe and sense of belonging and playing amongst fellow gamblers that online casinos lack. Being around these groups of gamblers and crowds of people while sipping on free drinks served to you by good looking waitresses and waiters are a couple of the main reasons many people would choose to play in land-based Vegas casinos as opposed to playing blackjack at online casinos.

Another primary advantage to playing at land-based casinos as opposed to online casinos is the added player incentives, including cash comps, free breakfasts, free trips, free shows and other great perks, which are sometimes offered by the casinos in Las Vegas and other similar gaming destinations. Basically the more you play at land based casinos the more you'll be recognized by casino management. If you're classified as a high-roller the perks and benefits never have to stop as long as you stay loyal to the casino you've been playing at.

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