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Basic Blackjack Strategy

When watching people at a casino, often times you'll notice that they're just guessing at what decision to make next. This is most obvious when watching people who play blackjack. They are totally unaware of how much of an effect they have on the total outcome if they were familiar with some of the basics of blackjack. Unlike many other conventional casino games, blackjack is actually a positive expectation game and can work to your full advantage, if the right decisions are made while you play.

Blackjack strategy revolves around some simple rules that are easy to remember, mainly because they make so much sense. If these basic blackjack strategy rules are followed it can definitely help you along the way. The odds in blackjack have been calculated accordingly, thus creating this set of laws, giving you the best chances of getting a higher hand than the dealer.

The blackjack strategy you'll find here on is basic strategy and the most basic approach to the game you can find. Looking further into any other strategy would involve considering double decks, triple decks, and even as much as eight decks. Quite honestly that's a lot of rules to remember. If you are a professional looking for something to beat the strategy you are currently using, this will seem like introductory stuff to you. But, you have to start somewhere. Often times, playing basic blackjack strategy can yield better results than something complicated, mainly because of the fact that it is harder to remember and it's easier to make a mistake. With the rules found here on you can't go wrong.

Basic Blackjack Strategy rules and Chart - Improve your chances of winning by learning effective - yet basic blackjack strategy rules here on

Counting Cards - In conjunction with basic blackjack strategy some more advanced players may choose to count cards, in which case the odds of winning are increased.

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