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Whether you’re new to blackjack or a well-seasoned professional there are a number of things you can do to increase your odds of winning at the blackjack table. Here at Blackjack Professor we've outlines a few general tips and things to keep in mind while you're playing blackjack.

Tip #1: Learn your basic blackjack strategy best as possible. As playing properly will inevitably lead to winning more frequently. It is entirely possible to play with basic strategy and work the house edge down to under 1%.

Tip #2: Although you can bring the edge to a low level in blackjack, in its modern form, even as a card-counter, the game is not possible to beat consistently. This is quite possibly the most important of all the blackjack tips to keep in mind; you can't always win. Accept that losses are a part of the game. This will help keep your mind set and will allow you to remain focused on your playing, keeping your skill level up.

Tip #3: Never take insurance when it's offered to you. Only take insurance if you have a feeling that the dealer has blackjack or if you're counting cards and know what cards are still in the deck.

Tip #4 Many casinos, including Las Vegas Casinos and Atlantic City Casinos, offer the ability to surrender or turn over your hand after your original two cards without playing the hand for half of your wager. There are two types of surrender, early and late. Early surrender means that the player can surrender before the dealer checks for a blackjack. Late surrender is a surrender that is allowed only after the dealer checks for blackjack. The option of early surrender increases the players expected win rate by .7 percent, while late surrender increases the rate by .06 percent. Always look for tables that offer early surrender.

Tip: #4 Know when to walk away from the table when you're up on your winnings. This is one of the hardest things for players to do when playing blackjack Often times, most people end up kicking themselves when they keep on playing, as they play back most of their winnings.

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