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Many people who play blackjack both at online casinos and land based casinos play blindly without ever bothering to learn basic blackjack strategy. This is definatly unwise as knowing basic blackjack strategy increases your chance of winning and decreases the house edge, and everyone enjoys winning more. Here at we know most players don't bother basic strategy where they really should. So we've not only provided strategy charts that you can find in our "Blackjack Strategy" section, but also a couple of blackjack strategy tutors to help you learn basic blackjack strategy.

The two tutors or blackjack teachers if you will can be played directly from within your web browser without the need to download any software.

Javascript Blackjack Strategy Tutor - Play a multi-deck (6 in total) blackjack simulator here at This has been build using Javascript and HTML thus is should work fine in your web broweser.

Flash Powered Blackjack Strategy Teacher - This blackjack simulator offers tons of additional options and variables that can be controlled by you; including number of decks, the blackjack rules, etc... Most of this stuff isn't available in the Javascript version of the trainer.

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